Born in Toronto, in 1990, I took the world by storm like any kid. Hockey, firecrackers, cops and robbers… you know, all the standard mischief. In 1997, my family made the move west to Calgary, where I lived until the age of 19.

The years have brought me through many adventures, travels, learning – living in Spain, Peru, Tofino, Courtenay and now Victoria, on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. It is here that I have refined the processes of developing websites, which I am happy to show you today with the launch of this portfolio site.

Business Minded

As the owner and operator of two small businesses here in Victoria, I know what challenges you may run into when marketing yourself. I can help bring a new set of eyes onto issues and offer solutions based on experience.

Coding from a Young Age

I was just a lil’ guy when I was first introduced to code. My father was a computer tech in the late 80’s, and was keen to show me ‘the basics’ of QBASIC, spurring an interest from as young as 8 years old. By the time grade 7 hit, I had built my first website.

An Eye for Visuals

Photography has always been a keen interest, purchasing my first camera with my ‘snow-shovelin’ money’ about 17 years ago. This is a spark that has never left, and likely never will. That being said, I’m more than happy to assist clients with their photography needs!

Coming with the territory, Photoshop became a necessity, then Illustrator, then Premiere, and any other Adobe software. A great business starts with great branding. If your launching a business for your first time, or need a fresh face, I can design and refine the perfect logo for your business.

Websites from Scratch

By specializing in WordPress and Shopify, my clients are given the easiest to use content management systems on the market, making updates simple and easy.

Since these systems are built from the ground up using PHP, HTML, Javascript, and CSS, there is no unnecessary clutter in the backend, making your site load fast, easy to manage, and well optimized for ranking in search engines.